5 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Happy Onboard

September 2016

Courtesy of the fine folks at BoatUS, we have a great little list of the blunders some pet-owning members of their staff made this summer. Let this be a cautionary tale for everyone, and something to watch out for when you make your inevitable preparations next spring! 

“As someone who has had to haul a Golden Retriever onto the swim step of a large motorboat, I’d suggest making sure the dog can swim before coming aboard the boat.”
–Kerry in BoatUS Marine Insurance 

“Engine fumes and seasickness can affect pets, too. Thank goodness for snap-out washable boat carpets! I try to ensure the dog is not in an enclosed space, and can see the horizon and I avoid having him sit aft where engine fumes can backdraft onto the cockpit floor. Boaters should also have a CO alarm in the cabin regardless.”
–Jerry in BoatUS Towing Services 

“Cat lovers suggest hanging indoor/outdoor carpet or rope over the transom so cats can climb back aboard if they fall overboard. I once tried to dry out a wet cat with a hair dryer and it didn’t go so well. While a few cats don’t mind loud noises and may even let you vacuum them, a soft towel or chamois is better for drying off your little Lion King.”
–Ted in BoatUS Foundation 

“I always keep a boat hook handy for retrieving just in case. It’s also easier to grab a dog when he’s wearing his life jacket, and you can lift from the handle on his back.”
–Claire in BoatUS Publications 

“In the BoatUS Marine Insurance Program’s Claims Department we recently had a claim on an iguana bite that necessitated nose reconstruction. The message? Don’t tick off the iguana.” 
–Kerry in BoatUS Marine Insurance 

I can’t imagine most people will try taking a reptile out on their boat, but hey, when in Rome, right? Just try to keep it happy! 

(h/t BoatUS)

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