BOLT Coupler Pin Lock: PDB TESTED No. 199

September 2016 PDB Tested, Product Roy Sparks

Unless you want to run the risk of having your boat pass you on the highway, every trailer needs a coupler pin to ensure the coupler on your trailer stays on your hitch. The math doesn’t get any simpler than that. But instead of going with the cheap coupler pin that came with your trailer, this is where BOLT Locks comes in.  

Face it: we live in a world today that requires locks. I grew up with a simple coupler pin that I just slid out each time I unhooked, but those days are gone. By far the best part of this locking stainless steel coupler pin is that it can be set to your current truck key. Simply insert your truck’s ignition key into the BOLT lock, turn it once and the lock
mechanically and permanently learns the key code. The weatherproof lock retails for $29.99 and at that price I think it’s worth it to not have to carry around an extra key just for the coupler lock. BOLT offers a full line of locks that is worthy of a closer look.

Tools Score 90 

Portability 20/20

Function 47/50

Durability 8/10

Design 8/10

Price 7/10


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