Accon's Detachable Fender Hanger

January 2017 Product PDB Staff

Getting that fender to hang just right can take an inordinate amount of time, ingenuity and fancy knots. The maddening part is that the entire process is repeated each time the vessel is docked. Accon Marine's Fender Hanger ends this hassle.

Made of marine grade .316 stainless steel, the 401-R Fender Hanger quickly through-bolts to the side deck or gunwale surface exactly where needed. The boater then ties the fender's line to the hardware's eyelet to hang it at the perfect height.

When heading out on the water, the user simply pulls the Hanger pin from its surface-mounted base, with the line and fender attached, and stows it. Once back at the dock, the Hanger pin quickly snaps into place—no knots or adjustments necessary.

The Accon Marine 401-R Fender Hanger is available with either an inch or half-inch diameter loop to accommodate common dock lines with a suggested retail price of $34.59. (727-572-9202/


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