Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine Launches New Look

January 2017 News PDB Staff

Pontoon & Deck Boat magazine is kicking off 2017 with a little excitement by completely redesigning the publication. Since 1996, PDB has been the only magazine specifically dedicated to covering just pontoon and deck boats and has evolved over the years well beyond the magazine. 

For starters, there’s the digital issue of the magazine, accessible on computers and phones from anywhere in the world. Next up is the website, www.pdbmagazine.com. We strive to bring you the latest and greatest from the world of pontoons and deck boats on a daily basis. Hand-in-hand with the website is our ever-growing stable of video content, which includes boat reviews from our annual Shootout Boat Test. Factor in our social media presence and you can see just how far beyond the magazine our reach really is today.   

To that end, our fantastic graphic designers have come up with a new look and layout for the magazine for the new year, and it all starts with the logo:

Our old PDB logo served us well for many years, an upgrade from our first one that originally ran across the top of our magazine with equal emphasis placed on both “pontoon” and “deck boat” in the logo. Back then “pontoon” wasn’t exactly a buzz word like it is today, and changing our logo to just “PDB” seemed to be what we needed at a time when abbreviated names were becoming more popular. 

We’ll always be referred to as PDB magazine and we’ll always continue to highlight both types of family boats, which is a good thing because that’s who we are. We just felt for 2017 we wanted to embrace the word “pontoon” like we’ve never done before and to tell you the truth, we’re very excited about it. 

So why the new look? The answer is quite simple: to keep up with our ever-changing industry that strives for improvement when new pontoons and deck boat models are released. Our own growth and strength in the market has paralleled the popularity of pontooning especially, thanks to our work ethic and commitment to the industry.  

Simply put, we loved the boxy, un-nautical-looking pontoon boats and the basic deck boats before they evolved into the sleek, sporty and stylish luxury crafts that you see today, and we wanted an updated magazine look to support the trend. The new look is exactly what we were hoping for. It’s attention-grabbing, and it’s only the beginning with many more great years ahead for Pontoon & Deck Boat magazine!

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