Vintage PlayCraft

January 2017

Owning a pontoon boat that is more than 30 years old and still runs like new is indeed impressive. Check out this amazing restoration project, a 1984 PlayCraft completed by Justin Evans of Bethlehem, Ga., who regularly boats with his family on Jackson Lake. This is Evans’ first boat for his family, along with his first attempt at a pontoon restoration to fulfill a long-time dream. He has come a long way since his rebuild, as he completely refurbished the interior.

After recently selling an old vehicle, Justin and his wife Kate were in the market for a boat that would be great for family and friend outings and safe for their three young children ranging from 12 years to an 18-month-old. He decided that a pontoon would be the best choice for his situation, so with a $5,000 budget, he started searching various listings and places for good used deals. He struggled to meet his budget for a while until Kate finally found an old one sitting in a driveway that looked interesting. Justin asked his wife for the phone number on the tag, and he called it later that day. The call was answered by a man who was eager to show this boat, so Justin and Kate immediately headed back down to check it out.

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