Rev-X Marine Adrenaline Gasoline Fuel Additive: PDB TESTED No. 208

February 2017 PDB Tested, Product

Much ado has been made about the EPA’s unpopular Renewable Fuels Act. Its mandate to increase the ethanol content of consumer-available gasoline has been the bane of all boat owners since its introduction in 2005. With the new standards set to increase ethanol content to 15 percent and higher in the coming years, what can a boater do? Luckily, Rev-X’s Marine Adrenaline gasoline additive is the perfect solution.

Marine Adrenaline is designed to increase your engine’s performance, while at the same time eliminating the negative aspects of ethanol-treated gasoline. It works by shielding the alcohol molecules so they don’t come in direct contact with soft metal and rubber components in the engine, while also lubricating all rubber components.

We put it to the test in our Sweetwater pontoon over the last couple months and we couldn’t be happier. Our engine runs just a little smoother than it used to, due to Marine Adrenaline’s ability to clean out the gunk in the engine during the course of everyday use. They claim that in only one or two tanks of fuel, all engine components get a cleaning similar to what you’d achieve by hand cleaning, and that certainly seems to be the case.

A single 8-ounce bottle, which retails for $21.95, can treat up to 100 gallons of fuel. That’s maybe a little steep, since you’re looking at about one bottle for every two tanks of fuel, but if that’s the price for having a cleaner, better-running engine, we’re all for it. Add in the versatility of being compatible with all two- and four-stroke engines and you’ve got a great product.

Product Score 89

Application 17/20

Function 48/50

Versatility 9/10

Formula 8/10

Price 7/10


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