As-Yet Unreleased Frog Bait Leaps to the Catch

March 2017 News, Product

With the spring bass season just around the corner, anglers everywhere are itchin’ to hit the water and go hunting for their next hawg. And members of the lucky few — like bass fishing pro Ott DeFoe — are skilled enough to make a living reeling in trophy bass.

Recently, Ott had an excellent second place finish at a Bass Elite event on Florida’s Lake Okeechobee. The key to his success? A top secret new frog bait: The Terminator Walkin’ Frog, Jr., a small, but deadly prototype to be released in the near future.

Though much of what makes this bait special is still shrouded in pre-release secrecy, Terminator has revealed that the new bait is descended from, the Terminator Walking Frog and Popping Frog as forefathers. These unique, expertly designed takes on favorite baits for bass anglers each attract strikes by their own distinct action: the Walking Frog effortlessly moves along the top of the water with its distinct walking action to attract big bass while the Popping Frog attracts bites as it pops through the water causing a noisy commotion to entice strikes.

However this new bait combines these feature-rich baits, we look forward to rigging up a line in the near future.

Check out the Terminator Walking Frog and the Popping Frog here.


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