Candyback Patterns

March 2017 Product

Don’t eat candy for dinner? Don’t tell that to fish following and about to bite a Blue Fox Classic Vibrax in a new Candyback color combination. Blue Fox’s new Candyback Vibrax baits combine three complementary color flourishes: a colored bell accented with metallic flecks; a shiny front side of the metal blade tipped with a color that matches the bell; and a transparent, fluorescent complementary color covering the blade’s back side.

A tried-and-true fish catcher, the Classic Vibrax features fine tolerances, super-sharp hooks and a low-frequency-emitting, patented two-part body, which is comprised of a machined-brass bell and a stainless steel shaft. The key feature is the unique, namesake Vibrax bell, which emits sonic vibration when a free-turning gear rubs against it. (

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