Mean Green Degreaser for the Tough Messes

May 2017 Product

Memorial Day is just around the corner, which marks a major high-point of the boating season. Whether you’re dewinterizing and getting ready to put your vessel back into the water after the bleak season or you want to clean it from a day’s use on the water, cleaning a boat can be an overwhelming task both time consuming and expensive.

Boats have many components that accrue grease, grime, salt, and good old-fashioned muck. Rather than Break Out Another Thousand, as they say, we’d like to recommend Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser as the best multipurpose product every boating enthusiast should have on hand. 

Isn't it just smart to have one product that is versatile and capable enough to be the solution for all of your boat’s cleaning needs? Whether it's carpet stains, bilge grease, vinyl, the console, the hull… Mean Green will get the job done.

Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser is a proven product that has been trusted by professionals and nonprofessionals alike, for over 80 years. It is simply the strongest, most effective product you can buy for the money. Mean Green will eliminate the toughest messes, the first time. In fact, independent tests prove that Mean Green out cleans other brands on nearly every task, both inside and out. 

Why? Simply because Mean Green contains more cleaning ingredients than other brands making it the smartest and most economical product that should be kept on hand at all times.

Check it out!

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