Happy Troller Slows Outboards to Fish-Striking Speeds

June 2017


Some species of fish, especially after spawning, won't chase fast-moving bait. The problem is, many outboard engines won't run at the low RPMs needed to entice a bite. A kicker motor is an expensive solution, but is overkill for the occasional fisherman and not necessary—even for hardcore anglers. Davis Instruments' ingenious Happy Troller efficiently slows both sterndrive and outboard-powered boats to tantalizing, fish-striking speeds, and adds stability to the vessel when cruising.

In about 15 minutes, Happy Troller mounts solidly to the motor's anti-cavitation plate. A cable allows the user to control the angle from 0°, 45° or 90° to optimize the speed and steerage; the mid-range setting is new for 2017. The low-maintenance device diverts the propeller's thrust, slowing the boat, while placing no added strain on the engine.

When running at cruising speed, Happy Troller excels when set at 0°. It reduces porpoising and cavitation, smoothing the ride in choppy water.

Manufactured from marine-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel, Happy Troller is engineered to provide years of reliable service in fresh or saltwater. It's offered in two sizes. The small version is designed for 20–50 hp outboards and the large model accommodates engines over 50 hp.

Davis Instruments' Happy Troller Large sells for $149.99 and $145.99 for the Small model. They come with a one-year warranty.



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