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Happy Black Friday!!! It’s that time of year again, where you pull out the naughty or nice list, tear it up, and decide to do the nice thing for that boater in your life. And while that outdoor lover already has a lot of boat toys, we can bet they could add some more nifty gadgets to enrich their nautical lifestyle. So here’s our compiled Nauti and Nice list of gifts this holiday season.

Mighty Mug

Any man or woman with a mighty thirst could make some good use of this Mighty Mug. No matter what you’re drinking, chances are, you don’t want it to spill – especially in your pontoon boat. Mighty Mug knows what you’re about, so they have designed this mug with their patented Smartgrip Technology to resist the movements that want to knock it down. When you set this mug down on a hard, flat surface, it will create a strong airlock which will prevent other forces from accidentally knocking it over. When you go to pick it back up to take a sip, it lifts naturally, as though it were a normal mug. It sounds magic, but it’s actually just mighty. Get all this might for $19.99 (

Graphics with the Boat’s name

If you’re one of those gift-givers who can’t express their love with a simple store-bought gift, then BoatUS graphics can help you design one with your personality as a guide. Customize the design and font of the boat’s name with the boat lettering design, or do the same with the registration numbers/hailing ports. You can even get boat decals if you want the boat to sport some spiff. The base rate is $18.85 and it’s added upon depending on what your design includes. And if you’re not sure if you want to create something that big, then even just a customized keychain float would be perfect for the boater in your life. Those are based at $12.99 and can be customized the same way. (800-365-5636 //


Wearing sunglasses is like putting a filter on life, so get a super rad filter in these unshakeable flexible modular sunglasses. Baendit Eyewear has made the world’s first fully modular, customizable and bendable sunglasses—made to fit your face, but also to wrap around your wrist when not being worn. The lenses are custom baendit S20 Revo lenses made specifically to work in the toughest of environments and filter out 100 percent of UVA/UVB/UVC rays. They’re made from thermoplastic polycarbonate composite for extra strength and durability, ensuring that they stay on and they stay strong. Sold in multiple different styles and colors, these sunglasses start at $99. (

Waterproof Camera

Of course, no camera can capture a moment as beautiful as relaxing on the pontoon out on the open water, but this one sure can try. There’s nothing like quality pictures to help you remember the quality times you enjoy out there. The Garmin VIRB X Action Camera will not only capture the still, serene moments, but also the action-packed and underwater adventures. This camera is waterproof down to 160 feet without a case and with a hydrophobic, flat glass lens and compact exposed microphone, it captures clear pictures and audio at that depth. It’s compatible with most Smart-Ready phones and even has built-in GPS ad sensors for real-time data. Capture this camera for only $299.99 (

Third Reef 3L Jacket

There are countless jackets for boaters out there, but West Marine’s Third Reef 3L jacket for both men and women are kind of a big deal. 3L stands for three layers, one for rain (or any thick moisture in the air), one for prevention, and one for breathability. These layers work together to keep body warmth in and all moisture, including perspiration, out. It doesn’t have a lining, making it lighter weight and not as binding, and it even has nylon seat reinforcement. The hood is also a great feature: it moves when your head moves, instead of always getting in the way of your peripheral. The hood is also bright yellow, which is not only incredibly attractive, but also highly visible, in case of emergency. It has a two-way zipper, plenty of pockets, shock cord in convenient places, and a whole host of other excellent features. Zip your giftee into this nylon jacket for $249. (800-262-8464 //

Inflatable Water Slide

So we can say that this is for the children, but we all know it’s really for the captain’s inner child. This 9-foot inflatable pontoon slide is something that everyone can enjoy. You already use the deck as a diving board; the water slide is all that’s missing. This slide has 2-slider centering air chambers, four inset vinyl molded footsteps, and two vinyl assist handles welded on the top. Plus, the inflator/deflator can conveniently run off a pontoon battery. Go ahead, slide into something more fun. For only $399.99, you can. (800-659-0790 //

Sea-Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

Appropriate for ages 8 and up, nearly the whole family can take turns diving in and exploring a little bit with the Sea-Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter. This scooter is the lightest and most efficient personal propeller in the world. It’s only 12 pounds, and has positive buoyancy and dual trigger operation. It propels at a leisurely pace of 2 mph and has a maximum depth rating of 15.5 feet. It is designed with safety in mind, with a floating chassis, an auto shutoff function, and protective grilles. The rechargeable battery has a life of 1.5 hours per charge, the circuitry is, indeed, waterproof. Backed by a 180-day warranty, this sea scooter is available for $219. (888-272-9222 //

Waterproof Backpack / Dry Bag

An outing on the water can be unpredictable. Is something going to fall overboard? Are the rambunctious passengers going to push you overboard? Pockets and purses won’t always do the trick of keeping the valuables safe; you need something more reliable. Geckobrands waterproof backpacks ($29.99) will protect your things from rain, sand, dirt, and water. It has a 8-gallon capacity and an interior pocket for smaller valuables, like a wallet, keys and phone. Or even something smaller, like the waterproof dry bag for a phone ($19.99), is exceptionally clever; you can do anything you’d normally do with your phone – talk, text, play games, use the web – while having it completely protected from the elements (sand, dirt, water). It even comes with a free carabineer. Nice. (616-284-0141 //

Portable Outlet  

It’s nice to leave all the electronics behind when taking to the sea, but what about when the camera battery dies while shooting memories, or the Bluetooth speaker dies in the middle of your ultimate boating playlist? Being able to charge these devices on the go is not only convenient, but also a welcome safety net if the situation gets desperate and you need to call for help. The AdventureUltra, a portable wall outlet from myCharge, is a handy, compact, palm-sized block of power. The AdventureUltra has an AC plug in, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port. Though it is small and weights roughly a pound, it delivers 45 watts of power for around $129.99, which equates to more hours of comfort and peace of mind. (

LilliPad Marine Funnel

Is your boater sick of fueling in a marine environment with standard funnels and other products that don’t rise to the challenge? Well the LilliPad Marine Funnel is an excellent tool for transferring gas—no, not that kind of gas. This funnel is not only sleek in design, but can be mounted and moved with its fabricated modular mounting system. This funnel is designed in such a way that fuel can be transferred from the can to the mounted funnel reservoir in a free flowing motion with no splashing. The hose facilitates transfer across longer distances and the machined, aluminum-nozzle fits EPA fuel fills exactly, won’t spark against other materials, and comes with a ball valve which offers adjustable speed flow. Transferring gas has never been so easy. Passing gas, however, is something you’ll still have to struggle with. The LilliPad Marine Funnel is offered at $289.99. (800-279-3419 //


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