Floatinator Floating Drink Holder:PDB TESTED No. 211

February 2018 Feature Roy Sparks

Hold onto your drink, there is something big coming your way. Actually, if you have a Floatinator you don’t need to hold your drink any longer, just enjoy your float in the water. The Floatinator is the ultimate drink holder for the water that can accommodate a wide variety of drink sizes.

Complete with a foam float ring for extra buoyancy, the Floatinator securely holds up to four pounds and has counterweight ballast against wake, waves and cannonballs. We gave it a try and as their slogan claims, “So Your Drink Won’t Sink!” it really does work. Your beverage of choice won’t tip over even when a big wake hits.

It also includes a tether for complete freedom, which allows you to clip your Floatinator to a lifejacket or whatever is close by so it won’t get too far from you. Plus, because of the stackable design, they will easily store under the seats on your boat with four Floatinators stacking into one cubic foot.

The retail price is currently on sale for $29.99 or a set of eight for $209.99, which may seem a little high for a drink holder, but I assure you it’s anything but a typical drink holder. Available in a variety of colors, if you enjoy floating in the water like most pontoon and deck boat owners do, this might just become your favorite sandbar accessory.—Roy Sparks, PDB magazine

Product Score 91

Application 18/20

Function 47/50

Durability 9/10

Design 10/10

Price 7/10


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