BullFrog Active Sunscreen: PDB TESTED No. 205

May 2018 PDB Tested, Product, Feature

It would be hard—if not impossible—to find someone who hasn’t been sunburned before, because as boaters when it comes to being badly burned, we all have at least one story we could share. It’s a lesson we sometimes have to learn the hard way, so with boating season now in full swing let’s not have yet another teachable moment, shall we?

BullFrog has simplified the decision of which sunscreen to use with the release of its new activity-based categories including Land Sport and Water Sport.

Let’s start with Land Sport for those onboard, but not looking to jump in the water anytime soon. Powered by innovative Sweat TECH technology, Land Sport helps skin breathe and allows sweat to pass through and evaporate. The Quik Gel version offers alcohol-based instant dry application for immediate performance with no sticky or messy residue. A 5-ounce bottle of Land Sport Quik Gel SPF 50 retails for $10.99 and besides its broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, it’s also water- and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Another long-lasting option is the Water Sport lotion with innovative Water Armor TECH technology, which uses a hydrophobic polymer that delivers the longest-lasting water resistance available today. It’s available as continuous spray or there is a new SPF 50 lotion formula that for a 5-ounce bottle retails for $9.99 and both are designed for enhanced water resistance.

You can’t go wrong with either BullFrog version. The only way you can mess this up is by not using the sunscreen and ending up with yet another burn story to tell.

Product Score 92

Application 19/20

Function 47/50

Durability 9/10

Formula 9/10

Price 8/10




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