SunChaser Classic Cruise 8524 DH Sport

August 2018 Feature

First Impression

SunChaser goes above and beyond the norm with its newest addition to the 2017 Classic lineup, the Sport model. Who says you can’t improve on a classic, right? A lot of extras have been added to what already comes standard to really allow consumers to dial in the customization.


Starting at the helm, the full fiberglass console is designed to give the captain everything he needs (plus a little more). The chrome accent gauges are easy to read and when you combine the 12-volt outlet and USB/Auxiliary port with the Bluetooth-capable Infinity stereo that includes a total of six speakers, you have multiple ways to blast your favorite tunes.  

The “DH” in the model name stands for dual helm chairs and the one for the driver is on a raised platform, which provides better visibility. Both chairs slide, swivel and recline and it’s worth noting that we love the water-tight storage compartment below the steering wheel to store smaller items.

The two chaise lounges in the bow as well as the two rear-facing seats in the stern are extremely inviting and add up to a 14 passenger rating. All four lounges are comfortable and each can be used for standard bench seating too so you’re not limited on how you use your seating. There is also plenty of storage below that is easily accessible by lifting the double-hinged seat bases.  

There are plenty of great options found throughout the boat including the sea weave flooring, an upgraded 10-foot Bimini top, in-floor ski locker that is over 8 feet long and nearly a foot deep and rear-facing speakers on the stern deck that include a separate stereo system.

Other features worth noting include the pop-up changing room that stands just over 5 feet tall when open, LED floor lighting and a ski pylon that is part of the upgraded performance package.

On the exterior, the rail height stands at nearly 27 inches tall throughout the boat and the full length panels extend all the way to the top. The exterior graphic design is red and orange and inside the ‘toon a hint of orange is found on the grey vinyl seats that help tie everything in.


Even though the Classic Sport comes standard with a PTS third tube, which is a reduced length center tube, our test boat was equipped with optional three full-length 25-inch diameter pontoons that provide the solid foundation of the Sport model and each tube uses Xtreme Performance Strakes.

There is over 19 feet of deck space inside the gated area, which leaves plenty of room on the stern deck to use the 5-step aluminum boarding ladder and to towel off before coming onboard. Our crew rated the quality of construction work high. It’s always comforting to know this SunChaser is backed by an impressive Lifetime Warranty +6 that includes a limited lifetime warranty on the hull and structure, plus a six-year warranty on all components, carpet, upholstery and electronics.  


It may be optional, but the power-assist steering really improves the way this ‘toon handles. We have to be honest: we knew this was a sporty model but it surprised us a little just how well she really performs—especially in tight turns. With the upgraded full-length center tube and extra long transom, the Yamaha VMAX SHO 250 really shines. The quick and responsive Sport model is truly a thrill ride. 

Final Thoughts

SunChaser has firmly positioned itself alongside the other popular pontoon lines its parent Smoker Craft company offers. As tested it comes in at a fair price, especially considering the power and upgrades included. This is a great pontoon that a variety of consumers could really appreciate.

Boat Specifications

Number of Occupants            14                   

Maximum Speed                     44.3 mph                    

Wild Ponies                             250 hp

No. of Gates                           3

0-20 MPH                               5.36 seconds  

Ladder Measurement             4’ deep

Why we love this boat…It’s not easy to improve on a Classic, but that’s exactly what SunChaser did with its Sport model. It’s fun to drive with the right mix of standards and options.

Just being picky…There are a couple of entry-level amenities like the vinyl door covers that snap close that don’t seem to really fit on an otherwise sporty model.  


PTS Performance Pkg., full extended platform, full height panel, gray interior theme w/ color-matched interior/graphics and raised helm platform. 


PR 25 Xtreme Performance Tube Pkg., power-assist steering, in-floor storage, 10-foot Bimini top sea weave flooring, and rear-facing speakers.


LOA                  25’ 10”           

Beam                 8’ 6”

Hull Design       Xtreme Perf. Strakes

Dry Weight       2,471 lbs.

Fuel Capacity    60 gallons


Engine                                                             Yamaha VMAX SHO 250    

Cylinder Type                                                 V6

Cubic-inch Displacement/Horsepower           254ci/250hp

Lower Unit Gear Ratio                                   1.75:1

Propeller                                                          15 1/2 X 16

RPM     vs.      SPEED     vs.    DB-A

1000                3.3                     77

1500                5.5                     85

2000                8.0                     86

2500                10.8                   88

3000                14.8                   93

3500                21.3                   95

4000                23.8                   96

4500                30.3                   98

5000                33.7                   99

5500                39.1                   101

6000                44.3                   102

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