Because Your Off Time Is Valuable

Published in the January 2019 Issue March 2019 Feature Brady L. Kay

Most of us live in a very scheduled world. Work can become a little predictable at times and regardless of our career path, the responsibilities tend to pile up. Back when I first started as editor of PDB, the magazine had a little bit of an off-season. Today however, I seem to travel just as much this time of year with boat shows and other events as I do in the summer when statistically more people are actually boating. For the record I’m not complaining, I’m just making an observation about how busy our lives have become as the demands for our time are at an all-time high.

Beyond our employment routines, even our “off time” can be a little hectic depending on what stage of life we’re in. When I’m not traveling for work or sitting behind a computer monitor, I’m typically on some type of a field or court. Not for myself, since athletically I’m well past my expiration date, but as a year-round youth coach. I’m involved in teaching kids in our area different sports and while it’s basically a non-paying, part-time job, I do enjoy being Coach Big K.

However, I must admit I do occasionally wish for a little “me time” when those practices are running a little longer than normal. But those thoughts tend to disappear quickly when I factor in the importance of helping children build their self confidence while being part of a team, regardless of the sport they’re playing.

I’m guessing I’m not alone in wishing for a little more time for myself, but that’s probably what I miss most this time of year when thinking about the traditional April to October boating season. Technically it’s not “me time,” since I never go solo when I head to the boat, but once I get out on the water and I’m surrounded by family and friends it’s all the break I need from my weekly routines.

Those of you shopping the early boat shows for a new vessel probably have your own reasons of why boating make sense. If you’re still on the fence about boat ownership, you can check out our 2019 Buyer’s Guide tohelp steer you in the right direction. We received feedback from top builders and key dealers on what they consider to be their top-selling pontoon or deck boat. While most manufacturers offer high-end models that in some cases cost more than your first house, a lot of the boats we highlight in the issue come in at a budget-friendly price point—which is probably why they’re considered the manufacturers’ top-sellers.  

Boating is a unique lifestyle unlike any other experience and I’d hate to think what my valuable time off would be like without the ability to get out on the water when I’m in search for some “me time” with my family. Now is the best time to ensure your summer will be one to remember and as a staff we sincerely wish you good luck as you make the best boat buying decision for you and your family.

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