Testing The Frog's Tung

January 2019 Feature

My phone takes more dives than a WWII bomber. If you know what I mean, you should try the Frog's Tung accessory. It’s an inventive lanyard that adheres to the back of your phone for easy access, minimal drops or loss, and safe attachment to your purse, belt or backpack. There are three styles: the lanyard, the clip-on, and the retractable.

Application is simple: just peel off the backing and stick it to your phone. The adhesive is strong, but doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind. Provided you don’t spin your phone around like a windmill in Tornado Alley, it’ll stay attached. (No one can fault me for not giving this trial run my all.)

Apart from the windmill incident, I keep my phone tucked in my jacket pocket. Sometimes I’ll sit on the lanyard and have to squirm around to access it, but for all the times it’s saved my phone from a freefall, it is more than convenient. The Frog's Tung would definitely be a welcome addition aboard any boat—the extra protection against dropping or knocking your phone into the water will do wonders for your peace of mind. Especially if you have a nice phone. (www.frogstung.com)

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