SwirlyGig StemDaddy Stemware: PDB TESTED No. 195

June 2019 PDB Tested, Feature Austa Cook

There is a difference in drinking out of glassware compared to plastic. Whether it’s sparkling cider, wine, or even apple juice, having fluted glasses for your boat guests to drink from is an easy and instant way to turn a relaxing outing into a classy one, and SwirlyGig’s StemDaddy stemware will give you the exact setup you need without the risk of spills. As we all know, the built-in cupholders on your average pontoon would have an impossible time keeping those suckers from tipping over.

With no drilling required, the set-up is as easy as clipping the StemDaddy onto your railing—and as an added bonus it can also snap onto anything else with an inch and a quarter square horizontal tubing, such as golf carts, canoes, patio chairs and the gunwales of some fishing boats. Salt- and UV-resistant, the stemware is made from heat-treated steel and coated with rubber for its famed grip and sturdiness. It normally sells for only $15.99  but is on sale for $9.99 and can even double as a holder for fishing rods, nets, towels, and anything else you can think of. For being so inexpensive, so versatile, and so durable, it’s easy to invest in the StemDaddy to try for yourself. Pinky up, everyone, pinky up!


Style 17/20

Function 49/50

Durability 9/10

Comfort 9/10

Price 9/10





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