Harris Pontoons Releases All-New Solstice

The 230 and 250 models showcased this week

August 2019 Feature

PDB magazine is in Wisconsin this week on Lake Geneva, checking out the latest from Harris Pontoons that includes the launch of the all-new Solstice 230 and 250 models. Both the 230 and the 250 are the first Harris pontoon models to offer CZone digital switching capabilities with best-in-class electrical infrastructure. The pre-programmed, single-touch modes give the boater ultimate control of the onboard electrical systems, offering a significantly enhanced experience with modern day luxury infused with intuitive technology for every family.

With CZone, functionality and modes can be changed, programmed and updated in real-time – ideal not just for the boat builder, but for the novice and advanced boater on the water. Additional features of CZone digital switching include pre-programmed, single button click modes such as: “Party Mode”, “Swimming Mode”, “Cruising Mode” and more.

CZone also offers dealers and consumers an electrical architecture in a true hub and spoke model, allowing for maximum design and manufacturing flexibility while providing easy upgrade opportunities for dealers and consumers.

While a lot of attention is rightfully being directed to the CZone technology and the ease of wiring access through the side pivoting helm top, other exciting updates include the modern and contemporary furniture design featuring a brand-new helm with an additional 8 inches of leg room and almost 70 percent more room in the rear of the boat – perfect for a family to enjoy a day on the water.

“It’s nice to have more deck space in the stern, I know a lot of families are going to appreciate that,” said PDB Editor Brady Kay. “But it wasn’t as simple as just extending the deck, the chassis was re-designed to increase the performance so from top to bottom the 2020 Solstice is truly an improved line. 

The additional space on the boat was created by moving the playpen on Solstice models 10 inches forward, providing an additional 18 inches of more space in the rear of boat for families to enjoy time on the water.

In addition, the Solstice models are equipped with USB chargers in every piece of furniture and have more than 20 cup holders, an optional wireless phone charger, lighted speakers and feature 7- and 9-inch screens (Simrad GO7 and GO9 series).

“The new 230 and 250 Solstice models will create a new category in the pontoon market,” said Huw Bower, Brunswick Boat Group president. “Harris continues to redefine the industry and these new luxury pontoon models give the consumer a premium product based on the advanced technology, amenities and capabilities that are available through the partnership with Power Products.”

Designed and developed in-house and manufactured in Indiana on a dedicated Harris production line, the redesigned furniture on the new Solstice model gives the boat a modern and sporty look with ergonomically placed speakers and cupholders.

In addition, the new Solstice models offer new functionality including a three-position single lounger, a three-position back seat and a built-in cooler. The new furniture design, styling and vinyl offer both a highly durable SeaTex vinyl and a silky soft touch vinyl, highlighting the company's ability to deliver on world-class design thinking principals for the consumer.

“There is no other pontoon like the Solstice in the world,” added Bower. “Our pontoon product development team at Brunswick engineered a beautiful and contemporary pontoon like nothing we have seen before in the marketplace. We are excited to get the Solstice models on the water for our customers to enjoy.”

Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Ind., Harris has been producing some of the highest quality luxury pontoon boats in the industry for more than 60 years. As one of the nation’s original boat manufacturers, Harris offers a history filled with design and innovation and is part of the Brunswick Corporation, the largest marine manufacturer in the world. For more information, visit www.harrisboats.com.                                                                                

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