2021 Sneak Peek: Misty Harbor

The All-New Misty Harbor Viaggio

September 2020 Feature Web Exclusive

With 30 years of building pontoon boats under their belt, Misty Harbor is ready to really shake things up next year. Starting in 2021, the company is ending production of all previous pontoon boat lines, such as SKYE, Biscayne Bay, Adventure, etc. Instead, they’re turning their attention to a whole new line of pontoons: the Viaggio. This line looks quite different from anything Misty Harbor has done in comparison.

Misty Harbor’s president Jeff Miller felt these past 30 years of building boats have been a terrific journey for the company. Since the new product line is so different from previous designs, he said they felt it needed its own identity.

“All the hard angled lines used throughout the design resembled a ‘V’ shape and given the Italian word for journey was ‘Viaggio,’ we felt it was a perfect fit,” shared Miller.

With the design incorporating unique 3-inch thick rails, which give the pontoons bold angled lines throughout, these Viaggio pontoons pack quite a handsome punch. Their style of design is something not previously seen in the pontoon industry.

The fencing of the pontoons is completely unique since Misty Harbor has a custom exclusive on it. Misty Harbor’s chief marketing officer Andrew Stanfield explained how the metal has a glimmer to it called matte metallic.

“It’s beautiful and it really pops in the sunlight,” described Stanfield. “We’ve also powder coated the rails so they’re sturdy and strong.”

Additionally, the Viaggio’s furniture is also drastically different than anything Misty Harbor has done before. The luxurious material is soft to the touch and easy to clean. However, the new line still offers a lot of the same floorplans they had before. This makes it so that if you’re a fan of Misty Harbor, you’ll still find the familiar layouts you’ve come to know and love.

You’re also sure to be impressed with the fit and finish of these boats. By every standard, the Viaggio line looks and feels like a luxury pontoon, yet its price point is still well below the luxury range. Needless to say, a splash is coming to the industry in 2021 and you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on the Viaggio line. (www.mistyharborboats.com)

For more sneak peeks from the industry, watch for our "What's New For 2021" feature in the upcoming Fall issue of Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine. 

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