Looking For An Alternative To Cover Snaps?

STREX Fasteners to the rescue

June 2021 Feature Roy Sparks

As a pontooner, if you’ve never been frustrated while snapping your cover on at the end of the day you’re either the type of captain who makes his friends do it for you, or your boat furniture is rotting away and your boat looks like it’s never been covered before. It’s just one of those things we all have to do to protect the interior of our boats.

For a lot of owners, covering your boat and securing it with snaps is one of the few downsides to boating and you can add Brynn McLeod to the list of pontooners who has never enjoyed using the snaps.

Brynn uses her pontoon daily and rain or shine she covers it at the end of each day which explains how she came up with her new product, STREX Fasteners. She was fed up with the labor intensive process and devised a small accessory that attaches directly to the cover and makes the whole covering process fast, easy, and hassle-free.

“The old method of snapping on dozens of snaps was super painful on my hands and fingers,” says Brynn. “This new method is not only easier and faster, but it definitely has saved my thumbs.”

Available in either black or white, a package of 10 retail for $45 on the STREX website. My current pontoon is a little older and after many years of use the cover has shrunk, which makes the snapping process even harder now so I was more than happy to give this product a try. You can choose to use them in just one area of your boat, such as in the bow, but on our 20-footer we replaced the 60 cover snaps with 60 fasteners, which was far less than ordering a custom cover or making an alteration to it.

The STREX Fasteners work great and they will save you time.

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