Toadfish Outfitters Non-tipping dog bowl: PDB TESTED No. 321

Published in the June 2021 Issue March 2023 PDB Tested Emily FitzPatrick

If you’re a dog owner, then you’ve been there. You’re on the boat, enjoying a nice day out on the water, when the dog bowl gets tipped, splashing water across your possessions as you hurriedly track down a towel. Conversations between friends halt and your furry friend temporarily goes without water while you try to find a new place for his bowl. But what if you no longer had to deal with that minor annoyance?

Toadfish Outfitters has released a non-tipping dog bowl with technology that prevents your dog’s bowl from flipping, allowing you to relax and keep your dog fully hydrated during your trip. The Pontoon and Deck Boat staff decided to put the product to the test and we were not disappointed as the bowl stayed firmly in place throughout an entire day on the water. A nice added touch is the lid the comes with it so it’s easy to pack food or water with you.

The bowl sticks firmly to smooth surfaces, preventing any unwanted splashes. Note that it sticks to some non-skid decks better than others. To remove the bowl, you simply lift straight up, a task potential spillers like your dog and the wind can’t complete. The bowl retails for $48, a smart investment for anyone who spends long hours on the boat with their dogs. Plus, to sweeten the deal, a percentage of your purchase goes to coastal conservation groups in the U.S. 

Product 89

Portable 19/20

Function 46/50

Durability 10/10

Design 8/10

Price 6/10

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