Sneak Peek 2022: Lago, Diamante, and Del Mar Series by Viaggio

Building On Its Success

December 2021 Feature PDB Staff

The Viaggio line of pontoon boats by Misty Harbor has some big upgrades for its Lago Series in 2022. This series is a mid-line priced boat that just took a major turn for luxury while still keeping its high value for your money.

The manufacturer just added new two-toned fencing, which adds a lot more variety for you when designing your new Lago boat. The furniture also got a substantial upgrade in the quality of the vinyl since they are now using the same vinyl in the Lago that is used in Misty Harbor’s high-end Diamante Series.

Additionally, several new models are being released to the series including the E, T and their famous Q quad captain chair boat. The Q has been one of its best-sellers in the Diamante Series and Misty Harbor received big praise from dealers and retail customers for bringing the layout to the Lago Series. Lastly, the series also got a big upgrade in its fiberglass helm, adding noticeably more class with its new high-end look.

Misty Harbor’s Diamante Series absolutely exploded last year in popularity across the market so they decided to add several new boat layouts to that series: the E and the T. The T model is a throwback to the old Misty Harbor Biscayne Bay BC, their second most popular selling model. Then the E includes three full-size captain chairs with a lot of bench seating and dry storage options. Their new blue accented furniture is also quite fetching.

Misty Harbor’s Del Mar Series, their entry-level boat, also took a massive upgrade in its furniture package. It now comes equipped with a plush Leon vinyl that matches pace with other high-end boats.


For more sneak peeks from the industry, check out our "What's New For '22" feature in the Fall issue of Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine. 

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