Free Boater’s Bootcamp Helps Newer Boaters Avoid Common & Costly Mistakes Pleasure Boaters Often Struggle With

March 2022 News

The source behind one of the most popular boating-focused YouTube Channels, Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon (25K subscribers and over 4 million views) has launched the innovative Boater’s Bootcamp.

This video series is free for boaters looking to build their confidence and practical boating knowledge so they can avoid the common and costly mistakes that are all too easy to make when new to the world of boating.

During the three-part video series, Captain Matt shares boating basics for outboard and inboard/outboard boats, maintenance tips and even a little humor. In Part II, he discusses navigation, etiquette and practical rules of the water. In Part III, he talks about emergencies; how to be prepared for them, how to avoid them and how to handle three of the most common emergencies pleasure boaters may face.

According to Captain Matt, “So few boaters have easy access to the practical boating information like why it’s so important to pull your prop yearly, the basic rules and etiquette of the water and how to handle emergency situations … so, I put together this Boater’s Bootcamp to ensure other boaters enjoy their boating time like my family has for years.”

The Boater’s Bootcamp is currently availabe for free at and this boater highly recommends getting on board.

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