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Tips to get you ready for an emergency

Published in the April 2022 Issue January 2023 Feature Brittnie L. Gavin

Quick! Your grandson, in a moment of playfulness, has just bonked his head while you and your family are out cruising. There is blood, there are tears, and there is most likely a concussion. When you are out boating, fun in the sun is high on the list of priorities, but a wise boater is prepared for when fun turns to serious. For that matter, enjoyment will not have to stop for too long when your pontoon or deck boat is equipped with items you need in an emergency.

Whether someone is injured, has an allergic reaction, leans too far out and falls overboard, or you need help from another captain, no boater can be too prepared by keeping a few emergency items on hand. Of course, no one wants to make way for an emergency, but in case of that, it is important to prioritize being safe to avoid being sorry.

If you are a new boater, have no fear. This is a list of tips, tricks, and products that no boater should leave the docks without.

First Up, First Aid

Perhaps this is one of the more important things to remember, whether you are out boating or not. First aid kits can prevent any bad situation from getting worse. But what should be included in a boating safety kit?

First and probably most obvious, bandages are highly recommended. There are a wide variety of ways people hurt themselves. After all, as humans, we are innately clumsy creatures. We may not see branches beneath the water, or maybe we accidentally step on a sharp rock. Then, of course, you are on a boat of all places. Most bandages wither and shrivel at the mere sight of water, so what’s the solution?

Have you ever heard of Drysee Bandages? These bandages are the first of their kind. Not only are they waterproof, but if water does manage to break the bandage’s seal, wetting the wound, the gauze changes colors. This way you are able to make sure your bandages are clean and your wound stays nursed, even when you are back to being active in the great outdoors.

Cuts and scrapes are not the only things to keep an eye on. Say your niece eats a snack that no one knew she was allergic to. If she starts having a reaction, that first aid kit ought to be packed with some antihistamine tablets, as well as an epi-pen.

You may also need to consider cough medicine, inhalers for asthmatics, cleansing wipes, tweezers if someone receives a sliver, and sterile gloves to prevent infection.

Boating is all about adventuring, and adventure usually leads to a few bumps and bruises; however, these story-building scars should not have to lead to cutting your trip short.

Can You Hear Me?

Communication is vital. When it comes to being out on the water, what happens if you need assistance and your iPhone or Android can’t get any service? Well, ICOM IC-M94D is the perfect solution to that pesky problem. This VHF radio will keep you safe and well connected even in the most technologically bogged of areas, and it will do it with a sleek and stylish form. ICOM understands that captains have their hands full. That is why the microphone is positioned above the display on this product, so boaters can walk and talk no matter the circumstance.

The ICOM IC-M94D is nicely sized so it can be operated one-handed. It also has the ability to flip between channels, allowing you to stay connected on many different levels.

No need to sit down and chart where you are at all times. This pocket pal has that all taken care of, keeping track of your exact coordinates, the date, and the time, which is all easily available through the LCD display screen.
Finally, everyone has just a little anxiety when bringing their electronics on board. After all, electricity and water do not tend to get along with each other. This product, however, eliminates that paranoia. The ICOM IC-M94D is not only waterproof, but it floats. You don’t have to worry about diving in for it if you happen to drop it overboard, which is a pretty massive plus!

Sunshine Fun Time

As boaters, we do not enjoy having to think about the “what ifs” when it comes to safety. However, just like camping or hiking, it is important to consider all possibilities and approach your outdoor adventure with all the precautions you can. This is not to say you can’t jump into the water and play all day, but if that play turns painful, it may be nice to have some things on board that will make that all better.

Fun is a high priority on a pontoon or deck boat, but above all else, your safety and the safety of those around you are the number one, most important thing. As the saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

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