HALEVAI Electronic Propulsion Pontoon Concept

April 2022 News

HALEVAI, co-founded by COO Evan Licht and CEO Frank Heidinger, is a new concept boat manufacturer focused on design, reliability, and sustainability. Their debut craft, the HALEVAI2050 is a 24-foot fully electric-powered customizable pontoon boat made completely in the USA. Consumers can opt to equip their boat with varying high-quality marine grade battery systems, including 60kWhr (Standard Range) and 80 kWhr (Extended Range) with a range of motors systems available from 75kWhr (100HP) to 125kWhr (175HP). The drive train is built in partnership with HyperCraft. The craft also includes a sound system, seating configuration, various “power” packages for a faster ride and charging, sun protection, cooler, grill and sink packages, all with a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

To further highlight HALEVAI’s passion for the American outdoors, they have chosen color palettes inspired by the glistening alpine mountain peaks, red rock canyons, white sand beaches and lush green mangrove forests across the United States.

Owners will appreciate the superior performance and near silent motor of the electric propulsion system never seen in the category of electric recreational boats. More than ever with the prices of gas soaring, “going electric” means less maintenance and zero money spent on gas which equates to an average of 60% annual savings.  HALEVAI’s mission is to provide socially responsible marine focused solutions for all boaters.

This summer HALEVAI will be hitting the road and touring select lake communities across the United States. Each stop will highlight HALEVAI’s commitment to have a long-term positive impact on recreational boating and will feature a roster of special guests, performers, live entertainment, interviews, and talks.

To learn more about the HALEVAI concept, visit www.halevai.net.

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