KICKER To “Go Overboard” This Weekend

Big Plans for Lake Havasu’s Desert Storm - April 21-23

April 2022 Feature

KICKER Marine Audio travels from Oklahoma to join its distributors, dealers and fans at the 25th anniversary of the Lake Havasu Desert Storm Poker Run and Shootout – April 21-23.

As the title sponsor of the popular and currently sold-out (but not to fans and viewers!)  Desert Storm for years, KICKER Marine Audio will have an impressive presence at the Thursday Street Festival where its XRV (Extreme Recreational Vehicle) will bring a travel edition of its famous headquarters’ “Wall of Boom” to Havasu’s Main Street. Millions of dollars of state-of-the art performance boats will be on display from 1-9 PM, including new boats from Rod Voegele of California-based Gatorwraps, also located in Lake Havasu and Jeff Cuvelier of Elite Audio of Havasu. Both boaters and businessmen are big KICKER Marine Audio fans as Gatorwraps adds the visuals to many KICKER-equipped customer boats. Cuvelier has been an installer of KMA for years and will now do so under his new company, Elite Audio, specializing in marine audio systems.

Voegele recently became a catamaran fan after riding in a friend’s DCB and was convinced by the ride of the company’s F32 that he bought one and customized it, wrapping it in his logo and signature bright green, highlighted with electric blue. “I’ve never been in anything like it!” Voegele says of the DCB, “Nothing rides like this!” And can we add, SOUNDS like this!

The boat is loaded with KICKER speakers and subs including 6 KM 8” speakers with RGB lighting, 2 KMFC 9” tower speakers with swivel mounts and 2 KM 9” subwoofers under the hatch. Of course, KMA head units and amplifiers “amp up” the sound, so everyone will be able to enjoy the clear sound of the Gatorwraps boat! The crowd will also hear KMA sound from the company’s Kenworth W9 Show rig, and International CXT show truck, both heavily decked with KICKER audio components and broadcasting live and loud from the Street Party and throughout the event.

Cuvelier totally updated his Rinker Flotilla boat which made its debut this year at the SEMA SPL (Sound Pressure Level) show with 4 KM 15” L7 Q subwoofers and 2 KM Comp Q 12” subs. Amid all the other KICKER Marine Audio equipment, clusters of numerous KM coaxials, 6 KMC 11”  swivel tower speakers and even KICKER SeaDek flooring, do you think you can feel the bass in his music?!

Cuvelier explains his KICKER allegiance stating, “Even with KICKER being such a prominent leader in the audio world, the company still manages to share that same excitement and passion for sound systems that its dealers and customers have. They bring you in like family and show support like no other.

River Dave of River Dave’s Place boating forum, has been a supporter of Desert Storm since 2007 and just replaced the factory sound system of his 2021 Avalon Excalibur pontoon boat with KICKER Marine Audio gear, adding 6 KM 8.5” speakers, 4 KM fixed 9” tower speakers with RGB lighting, and 2 KM 10” subs in the helm. Dave also opted to substitute an L7 Q subwoofer for a refrigerator ensuring “cool” sound! His twin Mercury 400s will take this pontoon to 70 mph so he is not only livin’ fast but Livin’ Loud with KICKER! “I’ve been with KICKER Since I was 21-years old,” he says, “It’s not just the quality of products but the staff--they are more like family--and the customer support that makes the difference.”

“KICKER Marine Audio finds long-time friends and enjoys making new ones in the boating community,” says Jeremy Bale, brand manager, “Performance boaters enjoy power in their engines as well as in their sound systems so being seen and heard gives KICKER an advantage with our ‘Real Marine?’ components which are top-grade , reliable and tested in the marine environment. We’re happy to lend our support in Lake Havasu!”

All KICKER Marine Audio’s enclosures are tough, UV-treated and come in black and white, complete with LED light complements. Amps, media centers and KICKER’s signature square subwoofers are only part of the line, so when you want to “Kick” up your sound system, rely on the brand that delivers the finest quality acoustics and marine-grade components—KICKER Marine Audio.

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