“Go Overboard” on Sound

August 2022 News

Always developing new and better sound equipment for its specific marine applications, KICKER Marine Audio introduces new amplifiers featuring marine grade speaker terminals, 316L stainless steel hardware, gasket-sealed input connectors and ABYC/NMMA compliant power connections. KICKER also seals its circuit boards with a conformal coating, protecting them from the harsh marine environment and adding years to a sound system’s life.

Amplifiers serve an important function in enhancing the sound quality and the durability of speakers. Regardless of brand, most head units only deliver about 15 watts of power to any speaker. Using an amplifier will increase the power to the speakers which subtly “move” or modulate air, thousands of times per second. By increasing the amount of power to the speakers through amplification, the speakers produce better quality sound with higher output and less distortion.

Pure sound is one of KICKER Performance Audio’s main priorities and when the company brought its mobile sound to the water, it developed Real Marineä specifications for each component in the line. The new KMA series covers an assortment of models to suit the boater’s needs and use, which offer a maximum of flexibility and ease of installation.

The KMA800.1 Mono Model, with 800 watts of peak power is geared to one subwoofer channel. The level of the amp can be controlled with a wired remote bass level controller and has a fixed 25Hz Subsonic Filter which actively filters out damaging ultra-low frequencies. This mono model is slightly smaller than the multiple channel amps and can be easily installed. ($319.95).

The KMA600.6 is geared for more than one channel or sending sound out to multiple sections of a boat--or out to the water. This amp powers up to three independent zones and up to 12 speakers simultaneously, with up to 750 watts of dynamic power ($449.95).

Three other multi-channel models were developed to provide the right number of channels and power:

  • KMA600.4 can handle up to 4 channels at 600 watts  ($349.95),
  • KMA150.2 handles 2 channels at 150 watts  ($179.95),
  • KMA360.4 handles up to 4 channels at 360 watts ($299.95).


This range of similarly sized amplifiers (approximately 2 5/16” high, x 7 1/8” wide x 8-13” long) enables a boater to get the right amp to suit the boat’s size, use and budget.

All KMA amplifiers come with the variable 6dB KickEQ+ Bass Boost. This device also reflects part of KICKER’s DNA—the love of clean, cool bass. It’s not just volume, it is the perfect selection of frequencies that make bass more impactful, providing the discernable, clear KICKER sound.  So, from a monster subwoofer amplifier to several multi-channel offerings, and a simple 2-channel zone amp, KICKER’s KMA line has marine sound covered.

KICKER has been passionately dedicated to perfect sound since 1973 and is still KICKing it to make boats’ sound systems as powerful as their engines! 

For more information, visit www.kicker.com/marine-amplifiers

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