Wrap it up!

March 2023 Feature

Take your ‘toon to the next level with a fully customized wrap to stamp it with your own taste and personality. Car Wrap City, Texas’ premier vinyl wrap company, is ready to make that happen. From full-blown makeovers to finishing accent touches, vinylwrapping your boat, Jet Ski, or wakeboard not only offers a cost-effective alternative to painting, but also provides a protective coat for seasons to come. In fact, if you simply love the look or your pontoon as-is, Car Wrap City can clear wrap your boat to protect the already-awesome paint from damage and keep it shipshape and Bristol fashion.

Already dreaming up a new graphic for the boat? Car Wrap City’s artists can bring it to reality.

Still need ideas? Check out this customized Sun Tracker Pontoon Boat! The owner asked for skulls, skulls with cowboy hats and some smoke detail, and Tyson from Car Wrap City went to work creating this custom design and weaved in his signature airbrush style for a hauntingly cool effect.

Check out the gallery at carwrapcity.com

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