E-A-R-T-H D-A-Y Spelled Out to Recreational Boaters

53rd Annual Earth Day celebration Saturday, April 22

April 2023 Feature

After a long winter lay-up, boaters are beginning to return to water. With the 53rd annual Earth Day celebration tomorrow on Saturday, April 22, it’s time for boaters to think how they can prime themselves to be good waterway stewards all season long. The non-profit BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water breaks down the eight letters of E-A-R-T-H D-A-Y to help boat owners put a plan into action:

E        Empty your holding tank at a pumpout station or a designated place ashore.
A        Always attend your gas nozzle when fueling your boat and resist topping off.
R        Recycle fishing line and plastic baits when possible, dispose of properly.
T        Take the time for clean, drain, dry to stop the spread of invasive species.
H        Have a trash receptacle or a way to collect refuse aboard so nothing goes in the water.
D        Dispose of used oils, gas and chemicals properly; ask for help if needed.
A        Adopt a beach or a special place on your waterway to clean up periodically.
Y        You make all the difference when it comes to smart, safe and clean boating!

Want to learn more about clean boating? The BoatUS Foundation offers Clean Boating, a free online course, at BoatUS.org/Clean-Course.

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