FXR Pro Fish Women's Hoodie Reviewed

April 2023 Feature Stephanie Woods

Known best in the snow and motocross worlds, FXR has jumped into boating with its Pro Fish lineup of lightweight clothing with Sunshield, a 50 plus UPF rating line of clothing. We got to be one of the first to try the new-for-2023 Women's Derby UPF Pullover Hoodie that retails for $68. I love the texture of the shirt as well as the Lavender Camo / Bone color, which is purple at the top and then it gradually fades into a deeper and darker purple.

It's light enough to wear on its own on a hot day without feeling like you're roasting, but also light enough to wear under a sweatshirt, coat or hoodie on a cooler morning without feeling extra bulky. The pullover felt great and the actual hoodie was a little tighter than I expected, which worked out great because then I didn't have to worry about my hair getting in my face while I was boating.

I also like that it's extremely durable, something I could wear out on the boat often to protect me from the sun, looking stylish while doing it. With other color combinations available, I'm already looking to expand my Pro Fish wardrobe.

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