5 Fun Things To Roast Over A Fire

May 2023 Feature Web Exclusive

One of the most fun and relaxing things you can do after beaching your pontoon for the night is throwing together a campfire under the stars. Of course, that crackling fire just begs to roast something. S’mores and marshmallows are timeless classics, but if your family and friends are in the mood for mixing it up with some creative new twists, check out these five fun things to roast over a fire.

Marshmallow Strawberries

Terra Firma Adventures shares this delightfully healthy snack idea. Simply dip fresh strawberries into marshmallow fluff and roast them until the fluff gets to the desired golden hue. This blog also recommends adding some chocolate syrup on top for added richness.

Cinnamon Rolls

Simple and delicious, WhiMSy love recommends picking up a tube (or several) of store-bought cinnamon rolls before your outing—better yet if they come cut in spirals. All you have to do is wrap a section of dough around your poker and cook it as gooey or well-done as you like. Don’t forget to add a drizzle of that frosting after!


Let’s skip the sweets for a minute and talk salty. The Zestuous blogspot shares the brilliant idea of weaving bacon strips onto your poker, leaving little spaces to let the meat cook more evenly. Then simply prop your pokers on two logs or rocks on either side of your fire and slowly rotate until the bacon is nice and crispy, enjoying the smells all the while.

Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores

This twist by Cooking Classy takes dessert up a notch. If you’re after something rich, this is it! Rather than sandwiching your freshly toasted marshmallow between chocolate and graham crackers, squish it between a slab of chocolate and two decadent cookies. A delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe is posted on the blog as well if you’re feeling homemade.


The candy? Yep, you read that right. Roasting Starbursts over a fire makes them crunchy on the outside, devilishly gooey on the inside, and more addictive than ever. The Instructables website explains the basics: poke an unwrapped Starburst or four onto your skewer and slowly rotate them over the fire until the candy starts to drip. Make sure you let them cool before eating them, because the insides are going to be hot hot hot.

Photos credited to Terra Firma Adventures, WhiMSy love, Zestuous.com, Cooking Classy, and Instructables.com, respectively

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