Spooling Your Anchor Rode

Tips for Your Retractable Anchoring Solution

September 2023 Feature

E-Z Anchor Puller’s Retractable Pontoon Anchoring Solution has become a widely popular alternative to typical above-deck mounts: the anchoring solution contains a raceway that mounts to the underside of the cross-members of the pontoon/triple pontoon and has an internal compression spring that allows the bow roller and anchor to be hidden under the deck of the boat when anchor and anchor rode are fully retrieved. This raceway has several pre-drilled holes to correctly locate the included mounting tabs and U-shaped mounting bracket to the underside of the boat.

When you first receive your chosen drum anchor winch and the Retractable Pontoon Anchoring Solution, figuring out how to properly spool the rope and chain onto your hidden winch installation may seem daunting! With the right information on-hand, however, it’s a simple, straightforward process.

We recently reached out to E-Z Anchor Puller and discovered there are two ways to thread your anchor rope through the pontoon anchoring solution. Every retractable anchoring solution will have a thread “guide string” that travels through the hollow tube raceway from the rear/drum winch side to the head of the solution’s bow roller.

First method: (Winch Mounted Empty)
The drum anchor winch and the aluminum tube raceway should already be mounted, without rope, to the universal mountain plate below-deck. Once mounted, tie the anchor rope onto the guide string on the bow roller end of the solution to feed the anchor rope through the aluminum tube raceway toward the winch. Dispose of the rope guide once the rope is fed through the tube, and loop the rope through the hole in the shaft of your drum winch’s spool. While one person keeps tension on the rope in front of the bow roller, another individual holds the rocker switch “up” button at the pontoon helm while the winch works to retract and spool the rope onto the drum. It is best practice to spool on the nylon wet to ensure a tight, even lay.

Second method: (Winch Mounted Spooled)
If your drum winch is already spooled full with rope, detach your anchor so your winch only has rope. Then, tie the end of your anchor rope to the guide string that runs through the aluminum raceway. While one individual holds tension on the rope, the other will press and hold the “down” button on the rocker switch to feed rope through the anchoring solution to the front of the bow roller. Once rope is fed through, dispose of the guide string and reattach your anchor to complete your configuration.

For more information on E-Z Anchor Puller’s Pontoon/Triple Pontoon anchoring solution, visit ezanchorpuller.com/pages/manuals and download the Retractable Pontoon & Tritoon Anchoring Solution guide

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