No More Tedious Tying!

November 2023 News


With quick release hardware from Accon Marine, you can do away with forever tying and retying fenders to cleats and rails on your pontoon. Crafted from 316 stainless steel for attractive durability, these fender hangers come in two sizes and use a half-inch or one-inch attachment ring to accommodate various types of lines. Both use a low-profile surface mount that fastens with two #10 stainless steel screws (no cut-outs required).

All you have to do to get set up is knot or splice the steel ring to the fender line once, and snap it into the base to deploy the fender. Pushing a small button on the base makes the ring pull free, leaving it permanently attached to the line and fender so it’s at the ready for future use.

As an added bonus, the quick release hangers ensure that fenders are always set at the correct height. Accon Marine Fender Hangers cost $14.83 each.

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