PDB TESTED No. 365: SeaSucker Monkey Bars

November 2023 Feature, PDB Tested Brady L. Kay

For years we’ve been watching SeaSucker dominate the marine industry with its innovative vacuum mounts that are designed to attach to nearly any surface without drilling. For adding cupholders or just improving the location of your rod holders, no one does it better than SeaSucker when it comes to non-permanent additions to your boat. So naturally when we came across their redesigned crossbar system they refer to as their Money Bars, it caught our attention.

I don't use our kayaks enough to justify needing a permanent roof rack on the top of my truck so this is why the Monkey Bars make so much sense. Available in both circle and oval-shape vacuum mounts to accommodate a variety of roof tops, the rack is easy to assemble and has an impressive hold. While going above the speed limit will violate the SeaSucker warranty, it is nice the manufacturer has speed tested the racks in controlled conditions at over 175 miles per hour!

Another great feature about these bars as well as with all of the SeaSucker products is that, being a suction mount, they aren’t permanent and can be removed and attached whenever necessary. Permanent bars on top of your truck hurt your fuel economy when not in use so it’s nice to be able to remove the SeaSucker Money Bars when you’re not using them. The one-size-fits-all roof rack system includes screw-together cross bars that allow for compact storage when needed.

The Monkey Bars feature round black powder-coated aluminum cross bars and you can choose between the standard 48-inch cross bars and the extended 60-inch cross bars. Either version allows you to easily attach accessories for activities such as kayaks, paddle boards and other water toys.

The award-winning Monkey Bar system includes an indicator band right on the plunger. When the vacuum mount starts losing vacuum, the plunger will begin to extend. When it extends far enough that you can see the orange band, it’s time to re-pump. Unlike traditional suction cups, with SeaSucker you don’t have to take it off to revive it. The maximum recommended cargo load on Monkey Bars is 165 pounds, as heavier loads may damage your roof. Made in the USA and priced at $499, we feel this roof rack is well worth the investment.

Tools 91/100
Portability 20/20
Function 47/50
Durability 8/10
Design 8/10
Price 8/10

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