Yamaha Motor to Exhibit Prototype Hydrogen Outboard Motor

Upcoming Miami Boat Show Will Feature Yamaha Prototype

January 2024 Feature Yamaha Boater's Log Web Exclusive

Yamaha Motor Co is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting a prototype hydrogen-powered outboard motor at the Miami International Boat Show, one of the world’s largest boat shows, scheduled to be held from February 14 to 18, 2024 in Miami, Florida, USA.

Marine products run through water and are thus subjected to water resistance, requiring significantly more energy for propulsion than land vehicles. Additionally, the performance and engineering requirements for marine products can vary widely depending on the usage environment—such as the ocean, rivers, or lakes—as well as the usage itself, from commercial fishing to recreation.

In order to achieve carbon neutrality with marine products while facing such challenges, the Company is promoting a multi-directional development approach, looking to other new energy sources and technologies in addition to its electrification efforts. Yamaha Motor has set a companywide environmental goal to achieve carbon neutrality in Scope 3* emissions by 2050. To create a more sustainable world, the Company will continue promoting the research and development of technologies that contribute to sustainability.

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