Embrace the Sun, Command the Shade

The Eclipse powered Bimini offers unparalleled convenience for boaters

February 2024 Feature Marine Mooring Web Exclusive

The Eclipse Powered Bimini redefines marine comfort with its unique design and user-friendly features. Boasting a fully automatic system and a one-canvas-fits-all approach, Eclipse offers unparalleled convenience for boaters. Designed with dealers and boat builders in mind, its easy retrofit option seamlessly integrates into existing inventories, providing a hassle-free upgrade. With heavy-duty construction, customization options, and a patent-pending status, the Eclipse Powered Bimini sets a new industry standard, delivering shade and comfort with practicality for both users and builders.

Key Features:

1. Innovative Design and Simplicity: The Eclipse Powered Bimini introduces a novel approach to marine comfort through its unique design and user-friendly features. Its streamlined construction ensures both functionality and simplicity, allowing boaters to enjoy shade effortlessly.

2. Effortless Convenience: With a fully automatic system, the Eclipse Bimini offers users the ultimate convenience at the touch of a button. This feature simplifies the boating experience, providing instant shade with minimal effort.

3. Versatility with One-Canvas-Fits-All: The bimini's one-canvas-fits-all approach eliminates unnecessary complexities. This versatility ensures a seamless transition between manual and powered modes, simplifying choices for builders without compromising on functionality.

4. Dealer and Builder-Focused Design: Carefully crafted with dealers and boat builders in mind, the Eclipse Bimini features an easy retrofit option. This design streamlines the integration process into existing inventories, offering businesses a hassle-free upgrade process.

Experience a new era of marine comfort with the Eclipse Powered Bimini – where every voyage is infused with innovation. At Marine Mooring Inc., we take pride in manufacturing our cutting-edge products in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship that stands up to the demands of your adventures. For inquiries, demonstrations, or to place your order, contact us at sales@marinemooring.com or call us at (574) 594-5787. Thank you for choosing Marine Mooring Inc., where experience meets innovation.

Learn more about the Eclipse Powered Bimini System.

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