National Fishing and Boating Week

Let's celebrate by spending time on the water!

June 2024 News, Feature Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) Web Exclusive

Spend quality time with your family, invite a friend new to fishing to try it, and explore the benefits of being outdoors and by the water. There are many ways to be part of the celebration:

1. Use Our Interactive Maps
Find places to fish and boat near you using our Interactive Map.

2. Find Your Best Self on the Water
Whether you’re an experienced angler, or casting your first line, there is always more to learn and to enjoy. Get hooked on the life-changing benefits of fishing and boating.

3. Enjoy Free Fishing Days
Check out the full list of free fishing days per each state and the District of Columbia. Free fishing days are the perfect opportunity for beginners to try fishing and for avid anglers to take someone new fishing. Share your experience across social media with @take_me_fishing #FindYourBestSelf and follow us on Tik TokInstagramYouTubeFacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

4. Find Places to Go Fishing and Boating
Access the Take Me Fishing interactive map and find out where to fish or boat throughout the U.S. or near you. You can also search for local public fishing spots, places to buy fishing gear, where to get a fishing license, find out the best times to fish, public boat ramps, and more.

5. Learn How to Fish
Check out the new step-by-step guides and tips from pros or watch our instructional videos on how to cast, tie knots and make fishing rigs in our How to Fish section.

6. Celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week with Others
Share your favorite fishing and boating memory, and experiences during National Fishing and Boating Week, and spread the word about the joys and benefits of fishing and boating through your social media channels with the hashtag #NFBW2024.

7. Learn More About Fishing and Boating
Watch our YouTube videos to learn new knots and techniques, and get inspired for your next fishing and boating adventure.

8. Do your Part to Conserve our Waterways
You may not know it, but participation in National Fishing and Boating Week events helps fund efforts to conserve our natural waterways. When you buy a fishing license you are directly contributing to state conservation programs including fisheries management, habitat protection and fishing education. A portion of all fishing and boating as well as license and registration sales, fund the conservation and preservation of our nation's waterways through a program called the Sport Fish Restoration Program. This means that every time you purchase a fishing license, fishing tackle, boat supplies, and register a boat, you are helping improve the natural places you love.

Benefits Of Outdoor Actitivies Like Fishing And Boating
Fishing and Boating are fun, stress-relieving activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends anytime. Here are just a few reasons why you should get out on the water and start enjoying these activities:

  • Connect with your Family: Family fishing is a great way for family members of all ages to connect and have fun.
  • De-stress: Boating is ranked as one of the top 3 of all stress-relieving activities.
  • Help Conserve: The funds from your fishing licenses and boat registrations go towards the conservation of our natural aquatic areas.

Getting a fishing license is easier than you think. Learn how you can purchase your fishing license online, types of fishing licenses, check state requirements, register your boat and more information.

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