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Thread: pontoon tent / camping

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    We got lucky, the used boat we just bought came with this. I do like the looks of that mattress though...does it just fit to the shape as you inflate it? Looks like it came out about the same height as the seats.

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    The mattress is square , all you do is slide it into the opening then inflate it. As it fills up it conforms to the surrounding space. It inflates to the same height of the seats. All inflated a king size mattress fitted sheet slips right over the seats and mattress together . Perfect cabin in 10 minutes.
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    Default Tent

    Quote Originally Posted by mave234 View Post
    We just purchased these two product to add to our new tri-toon. Im wondering if anyone has installed them. Im expecting them in this weekend .

    My intent is to mount the tent cover and inflate the mattress inside to create a cabin on our boat for over night excursions.
    Let me know what you think, if anyone has installed one before , what does the hardware look like.

    http://www.wholesalemarine.com/ponto...ure-78873.html tent

    http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/...wL._SY300_.jpg mattress fits between front bench seats inside tent.
    Any chance you still have photos of the tent setup? i was strongly considering this same exact setup and would like to see it if i could. thank you!

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