I am looking at either a Crest 200 I 2015 model with a 60 hp Suzuki motor, an Avalon 21 ft GS with a 60 hp Evinrude or a slightly used Sweet Water 2086 with a 70 yamaha all 2015 models

I need feedback on the motors and if they alone should be a deciding factor on selection?
These boats will all be about $400 of each other with a trailer.
I am in FL and plan to store it in freshwater on a lake and trailer it weekends to the intercostal.


Each has the salt water package and 25" logs with comparable amenities except the Sweetwater is previously titled and 4 months old.

I can use any guidance. This is my first pontoon buy on a limited budget and yet this will be my retirement boat for fishing, cruising and letting the family boat weekends together.We have access to jet skis and a ski/bass boat and a flats boat so pulling a skier is not a factor.

It seems the articles I read indicate the Evinrude is cheaper on maintenance and fuel but it is not a 4 stroke; Yamaha is better for resale but I hope not to need to sell it anytime and has the balance of a 3yr warranty; Suzuki I am told is quieter and more fuel efficient for a 4strokesome say it is as good as or better than a Yamaha without the price or name recognition.

Reliability is key and I dont want to be stranded..... All the boats seem to have comparable warranties but is there a key deciding factor to consider?

in advance thanks

I have succumb to paralysis by analysis and cant decide.