OK folks:

For years we have boated and docked in a low water cove so this has a tendency to shorten up our boating season.
Further more, our all powerful benevolent controller, (Ameren Electric) manages the input & output of the Lake of the Ozarks through the power generation Dam and flood gates.

We get a winter draw down around Sept/Oct. and it does affect those of us in the lower areas more than some others, although many docks sit on dry ground when they pull us down from full pool, (660 ft. above sea level) to winter level of perhaps 654 or sometimes even lower.

I have been doing the haul out and maintenance usually by September to avoid being "stuck".
But this year I invested in a stationary vertical cable lift by Shoremaster.

It is interesting to see the Shoremaster story on the PDB magazine page on-line. Good quality products and pricing depends on how much lift you need.

So in June I purchased a 4000lb vertical cable lift in knock down form and hauled it to our property.
All the parts were in the kit as promised and it took only one day to set up and fully assemble the components into a lift for shallow water use.

There is more to this story and I'll provide the pertinent details in a future post. We are in the water with the lift since mid July and unlike many installations which stand free on a controlled water lake next to a ramp; I installed the lift in the slip of my floating dock.
This was necessary due to the fact that a usual floating lift would not get low enough to get the 'toon on & off. More on that later

I will wait until the lake draw down to post the rest of the story since I need some time to experience how the lift performs under those circumstances.

More post - by mid October ?