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Thread: Rookie Mistakes

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    Default Rookie Mistakes

    Hello everyone,

    I'm working on writing an article for PDB magazine about the rookie mistakes we all make as boaters. What rookie mistakes have you guys made that could have been avoided?

    I'm so excited to hear your thoughts!


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    I pulled my 2017 Suntracker out from under the carport to clean it. I raised the bimini to the halfway position to make it easier to walk around the boat. I forgot to put it down before backing it back under the carport. Completely destroyed the bimini frame and tore a couple of holes in the canvas. The new frame was a lil over $1000. This happened 3 months after purchasing a brand new boat.

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    Probably, the most common is forgetting to put the plug in.
    Second might be leaving the tie-downs attached to the trailer,
    and can't figure out why it won't launch?
    2000 Bennington 22

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    Pulling in to dock too fast, getting nervous, and over correcting.
    Carl & Suzi
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    Well EmilyFitz:

    Thanks for asking. All of us would definitely like to see more interaction from the PDB staff into the thoughts of the forum.
    Not much posting going on over the Holidays so I'll throw this out.

    After many years of V-Hull boating I bought a small sailboat. It was a 12' hull with a dagger board and single mast/sail.
    Of course as a self proclaimed seasoned boater, I "knew" how to handle any situation, (I thought); but forgot to stay right side up.

    Out there in the cove, within sight of our dock, I was sailing along; (Humn, that would make a good song) when I tried to tack.
    Oh boy - lets see, dagger board down, shift your weight, watch the wind tell tale,, easy on the rudder - and into the drink I went.

    I think I sailed it 3 or 4 more times and then "for sale" and back to the stink pot I/O V-hull. I loved that SeaRay. Still have her.

    So just when you think it's safe to get back in the water - you will. A few V-hulls later we discovered pontoons - then tritoons.
    I'll stick to what I do best. (better? - pretty good? - well I'm on the dry side of the boat)

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    Captain Tony
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    Not putting the maximum size motor on my new boat.

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    Not properly securing dock lines and then they, on a breezy day with kids in the boat 'somehow' become loose and wrap around the prop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oublaj View Post
    Not putting the maximum size motor on my new boat.
    Good point. Probably the most common mistake when buying a new boat. And so much more costly to upgrade later on. Do it right the first time and enjoy...

    St. Louis/Lake of the Ozarks

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    I keep my dock lines attached to my boat. I always coil the loose ends and secure them to the rail to keep them out of the water when underway.
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    Gil W.
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    Having one foot on the dock and the other on the boat, a surefire way to take a swim. Either be on the boat or off the boat, don't put yourself in between. Remember cold water kills. These are safety things but also rookie things.

    I keep my dock lines on cleats up on the outside of the railing on the deck at the 4 corners. I keep the back ones just short enough that they won't reach the prop.
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