Has anyone ever had any luck with dying canvas as in a bimini top? I got a good deal on 2 of the nicest Hunter Green 4 bow bimini covers, but they will not go with the blue on my boat. I'm thinking of trying to make one Navy Blue with Rit dye or with that spray vinyl dye. Has anyone here ever done this?

Anyone need a nice Green 4 bow top? If I can sell these 2 I'll just buy a Blue one. If you're a long time member I'll send it to you and you can pay for it after you see it. If you're interested PM and I'll get a phone number to send pictures to. They are still in the boxes, and I don't want to get them out if I don't have too, or I'd try to get a picture up here. They are really nice, not cheap and I'll sell them at about half of what a new one is, like $100 and the shipping for each.