Hey Pontoon Drivers: Guys or Gals !!

We all know the tremendous growth in the boating industry seems to be centered around Pontoon & Deck Boats - Therefore, the reason for the PDB Magazine & on-line Forum.

The overall industry has experienced growth but for many new-comers and experienced upgraders maybe the entry price of all the bells and whistles is a bit too much right now.

There are many, many pre-owned and desirable boats out there that have found new owners and some are earlier years that may not have the stone bar/counter tops, rear facing recliners, diving boards or changing rooms.

So here is the challenge !!

Post a pic or more of your current boat, include the year of build, year you got it, engine & HP and what you have done to personalize your boat. Give us her name if she has one & where she ports.

For every one who posts in this challenge, I'll send a PM, (private message) with a link to the latest digital copy of Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine.

Start posting folks -