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Vester: A (true) mechanic can fix anything. A technician is someone trained to fix a few particular things. An engine is an engine is an engine; the same mechanical principles apply to every engine. Outside of their area of expertise, technicians are best used for handing tools to a mechanic. I'm a mechanic: I've never met an engine I couldn't fix. I may not be as fast as someone trained on a particular engine, but I can fix any engine (& much more) presented to me. I take it as an insult to be called a "technician" because I'm a mechanic. Find yourself a good mechanic & you'll be good: don't bother looking for someone trained to fix your particular engine. It's much better to have a mechanic than a "technician."
While I agree with the concept any good mech should be able to fix it......when you start talking warrantee voiding it becomes a different subject.