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1999 suntracker 24 with 3.0 mercruiser steern drive bought new in barn for 12 years would like to add hydraulic steering serious problem from start . dealer did not know this unit should not be sold with out power steering . so question has any one added hydraulic steering ? seems that space is the problem . tried to reach out to sun tracker . no help
I have done this task. Not on a pontoon... on a hull with a Volvo sterndrive (AQ125). I hated the push/pull cable and bought the individual items to install a TeleFlex “SeaStar” hydraulic steering system. It consisted of the helm-unit (basically a steering-wheel-powered hyd pump), 40’ of 3/8” plastic hyd lines, fittings, and a hydraulic cylinder. It used Mil-Spec 5606 fluid (which is a common aircraft fluid similar to auto transmission fluids). The most difficult task during the modification was mounting the hyd cylinder. I took the boat to a welding shop and asked them to weld a 6” X 6” steel plate with a hold punched thru it to the transom. The hole accommodated the swivel-mount-bolt for the cylinder. This held the cylinder in a stationary position on the transom, while the actuating-rod of the cylinder attached to the tiller where the removed push-pull cable was previously attached.
Following the instructions from the kit I filled and bled the system with fluid and put the boat in the water. I have enjoyed that completely trouble-free system ever since I installed it in 1986. Sold that boat this last week and the new owner is happy with it also.
I was also told that steering system could “never be installed and made to work” in that little 18’ family boat. Obviously the nay-sayers don’t know sheite. Good luck with your customized hyd steering.