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Thread: Repairing damage front, need help

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    Question Repairing damage front, need help

    Hello my name is Greg, I am a new owner of the older pontoon boat. I recently purchased a 2003 bennington pontoon boat several weeks ago and have been doing lots of maintenance on it to get it ready for summer time. I do plan in the future to place vinyl flooring, new side rails, and maybe new furniture.
    There’s only one thing that is really bothering me about the boat and that is the front end which was damaged when the last owner put it on the trailer. I know you can purchase new rails which I will when I redo the floor but I would like to be able to get that damaged front unbent for the time being. Still trying to upload photos but having a difficult time doing it. But to paint a picture of the rail and the bar that goes underneath which is the frame is bent in about 4 inches. If anyone’s willing to give me some suggestions or anything it would be much appreciative.

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    Hey Ranger5150:
    Thanks for your post and sorry about the damage.
    It's hard to visualize the best way to approach the straightening repair needed without a look-see so
    go to the second topic on the home page and read about how to post pictures.

    Not a perfect solution on the photobucket application but there are several other sites than can also be used.
    Get us some photos as best you can and then you will have a few suggestions for a fix.

    I'd suggest a cable come-a-long approach to pulling out the damaged beam but I can't determine your
    access to a hook up point or where to exert the pull on the damaged part without a better idea of how it looks.

    Try the posting apps and if not able to get us a snap or two get back with this thread and we can pick up from here.
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    Some pics would definitely help. But a strap wrapped around the damaged area and a winch sounds like a good plan for starters. That's if you have a good solid place to tie the other end of the winch. Since it sounds like it's on a trailer, a tree makes a good anchor point to pull from. A heat gun on the affected are might help soften the aluminum so it would bend easier. Just go easy with it..

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    Pictures do say a lot as Experience tells a lot to.!!!
    Attached Thumbnails Looking good  nose cone damaged pulled out 85% of it..jpg   Ouch  we got  Experience in the Body shop taught us well.jpg  
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    How are you posting your thumbnails, Malcolm? I can never et Rick's method to work, and even with a paid subscription to Photbucket it won't work like it used to.
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