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Thread: PDBM Print Question

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    Default PDBM Print Question

    Does anyone other than me have difficulty reading the small font size and gray ink used by PDBM in their articles?

    I admit that I'm old (83) and my eyes aren't as good as they once were, and almost everything else for that matter, But I'm finding that it's a bit of a chore to read the PDBM magazine I love and enjoy so much.

    I did call and talk with Brady Kay a while ago and he told me that he would talk with the Art Department about my issue but Ive not seen any changes.

    So guys and gals, tell me if any of you are having trouble reading PDBM. If I'm the only one then ill chock it up, along with those many other things, to old age and try to find and subscribe to a digital edition.
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    1 can always up grade there Reader Glasses.
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