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Thread: 90 or 115 hp?

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    Default 90 or 115 hp?

    so glad i found this forum! question for everyone.... i just ordered my 20 foot 2021 Avalon LSZ Cruise.
    i ordered it with a 115 hp yamaha rather than a 90 hp
    just wanted some opinions if i made the right choice for the extra $1000 for the HP upgrade.
    i have two kids ages 21 and 17, probably going to pull a 3 person tube

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    Hey Anthony:

    Your post was moderated as you have recently registered. I approved your User ID and post today
    so please feel free to contribute as often as you can. We appreciate your participation.

    As to your HP decision; is the max HP 115 for this model ? It being a 20 foot 'toon and 3 tubes
    I believe you made the best decision. All too often we hear from owners who went with the
    outboard as equipped by the dealer and later they are wanting more for water sports.

    Often a dealer will set up a lower than max motor to keep the price down on a boat in inventory.
    So since you ordered your unit you had the choice of options and I think all will agree this is
    the right choice. You will love the 115 HP Yamaha.

    When pulling a tube with teens you no doubt will have several others on the boat, Grandma & Grandpa
    or friends etc. so the extra weight and need for the hp & torque will come in handy.

    When you get the 'toon please send us some pictures. You can post them on line with your description
    of and how proud you will be of the new toy. We love pictures of pontoons.

    Since you are approved as of today, I'm sending you a digital copy of PDB magazine so check
    your PM messages in the upper right corner of your sign on screen.

    Welcome to PDB Forum.
    Captain Tony
    2005 Summit by Triton - 220T Platinum 3Log
    2005 115HP Mercury Optimax - 228 Marine Master Trailer
    St. Louis & Lake of the Ozarks, MO.

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    Hello, Anthony!
    Glad to see you here! THIS pontoon Forum is where to be as the Members and participants here are helpful and friendly and won’t put you on a hate-list if you have a different view of things.

    The 20’ Avalon LSZ Cruise is a TWO TUBE pontoon if the website is correct. While “bigger is better” in most things like anchors, bilge-pumps, and horsepower.... the increase in power will not be as dramatic on a Twin-Tube as it would be on a Tri-Toon. This is because a pontoon is a displacement hull and it pushes the water aside.... but a Tri-Toon, especially with lifting strakes will rise up out of the water somewhat due to the extra lifting of the bow and the planing of the strakes. This rise greatly reduces drag and results in increased speed if you plan to tow kids around. (Drag increases with the SQUARE of speed, so the horsepower-demands needed to add speed also are great.
    I know you’re already in love with your new boat, but didn’t want you to later regret not buying a trike.).
    Hope this helps.
    2015 SouthBay 522FCR w/150 Yamaha

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    You will not regret it.
    Keep on tooning
    Show more pictures with family.
    We need more smiles.
    Malcolm ( Goofy )
    TAP Fins
    8525 Sylvan
    200 H O E Tec

    " Keep a fire in your heart and a smile on your face, for you never know when your leaving this place"

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