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Thread: LED Docking Lights and Nav. Lights

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    Default LED Docking Lights and Nav. Lights

    Happy New Year Everybody , let the countdown begin !!!
    Late last Fall, one of my halogen dock lights blew again.
    I also noticed a cracked lens on my port nav. light.
    They sit on the outer corners of my 20 year old boat.
    So out with the old (incandescent) , in with the LED !
    Any brand or company to avoid ?
    Thanks ,
    2000 Bennington 22

    Boston, Ma
    Belmont, NH

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    There are a lot of LED sellers out there and the most-attractive ones are the lowest-priced ones...but be forewarned: As always... you GET what you PAY for.
    LEDs still generate heat and if you get cheap unsealed ones you will find out the purchase-savings are wasted on cheap product.
    Get MARINE rated product with a warranty and READ the warranty. And don’t forget that a “Lifetime” warranty is worthless on a seller or company that disappears next year.
    2015 SouthBay 522FCR w/150 Yamaha

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