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Thread: Docking camera question

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    Default Docking camera question

    I operate a Bennington 20 SLL. Almost always, Iím alone. When I pull in, I have about 10Ē between my boat and the dock on my right and between my boat and another boat on my left. I always lean out to the right, so I can see the edge of the dock as I pull in. Keeping close to the dock keeps me away from the other boat. However, it would be helpful to actually see the other boat below the rail.

    Iím thinking about possibly buying a small video camera (like this: https://smile.amazon.com/Wireless-Po...ustomerReviews) that I could set out when Iím docking.

    The camera would transmit an image to my phone. It neednít be an expensive, rugged, weather-proof camera. Just something I can quickly set out when Iím pulling into my slip, then remove and take home.

    Seems like it might work. However, I was wondering if anyone has already purchased or rigged-up a solution that might be better.

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    Low tech / Old school...mirror on a short arm .
    like on a truck.
    2000 Bennington 22

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    I have a guide system i built for my trailer. On the 2x4s that channel the boat onto the proper boards i have place an 18 inch worm tube in a channel. When it is docking time I put another piece of tube on to my center toon. As long as i keep that toon tube between the two trailer tubes it is a go every time for a successful loading.
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